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Current Programs in Ontario

Here are the main programs in Ontario that offer free dental care and below in italics, what they cover:

-Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO)
Healthy Smiles will cover children based on low income and number of children.

-Ontario Works (OW)
Ontario Works will cover children under 18 for basic dental care if the parent(s) are unemployed and actively searching for a job.

-Assistance for Severely Disabled Children (ASDC)
-Ontario Disability Support Programs (ODSP)
ODSP and ASDC only offer dental treatment to families dealing with disabilities.

-Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
-Children in need of treatment (CINOT)
OHIP and CINOT only offer emergency dental treatment for children.

We feel that Ontario needs a more comprehensive program so that no child is neglected.
It is important to have programs for emergency care and special needs; however, routine dental care is important to keep children healthy and reduce the financial burden of emergency dental care for families and society. All children should receive routine dental care. If the family can’t afford dental insurance, the province should have a program to help them, even if the parents are already employed and slightly over the bracket for Healthy Smiles. A comprehensive dental program in Ontario is desperately needed. There are too many children who suffer from oral disease and will be affected for the rest of their lives.

Marie S.


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