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Fall 2015 Summary

Canada has a growing need for dental care and dental coverage for people of low socio-economic status. More programs are needed for preventative care. Preventative care is very important and in the long run, will reduce Canada’s spending on emergency dental care. Currently, Ontario offers a few programs that cover children with disabilities, emergency care for children, and all dental for children whose parents are being helped by Ontario Works. Lack of preventative dental care for children can result in adults who never had a chance to have healthy teeth. Growing up with untreated dental diseases can reduce a child’s chance for happiness and success in life. It is a financial and emotional burden.

Canada chose not to have government covered dental insurance in the 1960’s because of factors that are not the same as they are now. In England, no one has to go without dental insurance, because they have a comprehensive dental coverage program. If Canada’s government covered more dental insurance for children who would otherwise not have it, the quality of life of a lot of people would be improved.

-Marie S

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